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It real protects your eyes though the cheap fake Oakley sunglasses

It real protects your eyes though the cheap fake Oakley sunglasses!
  Under the scorching sun most of people will choose wear a pair of dark color or light Oakley sunglasses.Especial for those fashion ladies or handsome boy.Different styles of cheap Oakleys had become their decoration of hot summer.They can not only wear them in the strong sun,but also regarded as decoration.Just as the saying goes:“Kill two birds with one stone.”
  So,recently,.the reporter had investigated the Oakley sunglasses market and see their trend. Do they protect the eyes?
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 On the one hand,don’t just ignore its quality and only look at their style when you purchase them.
 When the weather is hot,there are many sunglasses occur in market,such as the big market and the common sunglasses.Even the stall,which have the fake Oakley sunglasses appear.
  The reporter had witnessed that in the stall,their price are from ten yuan to hundred dollars.They also have the more cheap one. However,it can be expensive for some luxury brand sunglasses.
  The reporter also found many young just relied on its style and color and ignore if it’s suitable for them and its quality.Once,they were very pleased its appearance,they would buy them and nearly don’t have any consideration.
  And a lady girl told reporter that she had about six or seven pairs of different Oakley sunglasses.And even more,she will add another one if there is new occur.In her daily life,she would choose this sunglasses to match her dressing.And when it comes to its price,she said they had different prices.Some of them in the big market,and others are just in flea market.What’s worse,she said she can fell some of cheap Oakley sunglasses are dim and uncomfortable.But she didn’t care about this phenomenon.And she just care about its fashion degree.
  Further,some people will consider that wearing a pair of sunglasses is just to strong sunlight.As long as they don’t feel the strong sun,the sunglasses had placed a role of  sunlight.
  On the another hands,choosing the dark or light color one?
  In fact many people will believe that the more darker of the color,the more protect our eyes.As we all know,there are different kinds of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses.Especial for their rich colors,such as gray,pink,green and so on.The fashion lady and handsome boy can always choose their favorite colors.But it’s real a big problem which color are better to protect our eyes?
  It’s said by expert that the main function of Oakley is for shelter strong sunlight and UV.The dark color sunglasses has the good filter property.But it can bring bad permeability,which can affect our vision.So,I am here to recommend that you can use the darker in seaside or some blazing areas.Generally speaking,you can wear the gray and brown one in common environment.Because they have good filter property.But the yellow,green and red can affect tell our surrounding colors,so I don’t recommend use of them.
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  In the hot summer,if you stay in outdoor for long time,You’d better to wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses.If you don’t do like this,I am afraid that your eyes will be damaged.Thus,do you know how to choose a cost performance sunglasses?Welcome to come buy best Oakley sunglasses at Oakley Sunglasses Outlet !

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