Monday, March 27, 2017

UV protection of best cheap fake Oakley sunglasses

The reason why we wear a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses is not only to look beautiful, fashionable and cool, but also and more important is due to the function of UV filtering. It is necessary to focus on the importance of anti UV function; therefore, today we are going to continue to discuss the anti UV function of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses.
First and foremost, here we have listed six kinds of damages of the long hour intense ultraviolet light on the human eye:
UV protection of best cheap fake Oakley sunglasses

In the solar spectrum, light with a wavelength between 100nm to 400nm is called ultraviolet. is and they are divided into UVA, UVB, UVC according to the different wavelength, we often buy all kinds of sunscreen for daily use. Fake Oakleys Ultraviolet radiation can make protein inactivate, the most significant, which I believe we have all experienced, the skin will become black and then gradually peel off after exposure, that is due to a long time exposure to ultraviolet light. So what is the UV damage to the human eye?
1. The cornea will absorb some radiation after hour time exposure to intense sun shine, it will easily lead to keratitis and conjunctivitis.
2. If the ultraviolet UV damage to the human eye has reached to its maximum, it will make the vitreous body fibrosis and results in permanent visual damage.
3. If the eye exposed to the UV for long hour, ultraviolet rays will penetrate the cornea and "touches" lens and retina, it can thus induce macular degeneration, kind of permanent vision damage.
4. Excessive ultraviolet light will cause conjunctiva degeneration.
5. Ultraviolet rays will affect the free radicals and ketone bodies in the eye and then the crystalline lens becomes vigorous, thus to lead a cataract.
6. It will also constitute a crack in the eye.
Let's see if the cheap fake Oakley sunglasses we own have the anti ultraviolet function?
First, you need to know a term called UV400, which refers to the 100% anti ultraviolet function; there are also UV360 ~ 380. Now here is a test to identify if the knockoff Oakley sunglasses are with anti ultraviolet function?
Oakley sunglasses UV protection

To detect if the Oakley sunglasses come with anti UV function in the absence of instrument, firstly take a hundred Yuan, put the fake Oakleys above the watermark, use a counting pen to detect the watermark, if the watermark still can be seen, Oakley sunglasses is not anti UV protection; if this is invisible, we can clarify it is capable of anti UV protection. Well, it is obvious, the watermark on the banknote is an ultraviolet detector, and the watermark only can be seen after UV light with the naked eye. And if the cheap Oakley sunglasses really come with a UV function, the watermark will be invisible. Best place to buy cheap fake Oakley sunglasses for UV protection :

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