Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Different Texture of fake replica Oakley sunglasses

In fact,the texture of replica Oakley sunglasses is more important than its color and appearance.A pair of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses,besides its nice appearance,it also have the good function of preventing strong UV.However ,they are determined by the the texture of sunglasses lens.It’s the most important thing for people when they purchase a pair fake Oakley sunglasses.Because it ‘s related your feeling when you wear it.With the development of technology,there are many kinds texture of sunglasses appear.It will make you confused.The texture of sunglasses lens can be divided into many kinds,such as plastic lens,glass lens,resin lens,nylon glass and so on.They had applied in many field.Whatever you choose which one,you should purchased it in the regular shop.Especial to buy the high quality replica Oakley sunglasses.
Good Texture of  Fake Oakley Sunglasses
   As for the plastic lens,recently its texture included three kinds.They are resin lens,PC lens and Acrylic lens.Many manufactures like to produce these kinds of lens,it’s ingenious and not easy to fragile.So we can say its their obvious feature.The function of plastic lens for preventing UV is excel the common glass.And its color is more simple than it.The disadvantages the plastic lens is that it’s easy to scratch.Especial when they meet hit,it’s t easy to distort.So you should protect it when you use it.
   As for the glass lens,comparing with some other lens,the optic is more good.So this is its advantages.The surface hardness is very nice,it’s not easy to scratch and abrasion.But its weight is too much,it’s easy to break.So for the man who like sports,they will not use these kinds of the texture of Oakley sunglasses.But the disadvantages of glass lens,it’s easy to break,too.And the broken glasses are bad for our eyes.Nowadays,there are the intensify glass lens,the property is more stand out.We can regard it as the safe lens.
Oakley Sunglasses Christmas Sale

  As for the resin glass lens,it’s a kind of chemistry.The most advantages of resin lens is it’s very light and can resist high temperature.It can also prevent the UV.Many fake Oakleys will choose resin lens to produce sunglasses.It can filter some other useless light that we can see more clearly.Another the nylon lens have the advantage of good elasticity and can resist the strong sunlight.But the disadvantages are it can’t be made from polarized lens.And it can’t prevent the UV and dazzle light.
  In fact,we can’t call the bad glasses as sunglasses.So you should choose the right cheap fake Oakley sunglasses when you buy it.You should buy it according to their texture , the function and quality of sunglasses.But if you buy a pair of knockoff Oakley sunglasses is just to be a fashionable, you should correct this view.Because the fundamental function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes and far away from the strong UV.Now there are many people don’t choose these kinds of Oakley sunglasses just for pursuing fashion.It’s quite wrong.So a good texture of replica Oakleys  lens can give you lots of advantages.

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