Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Flying sand with fake Oakley sunglasses, stinking rivers, withered branches, this is the real far ends. No people, no animals, even no plants, it is a place abandoned by god. Abbey who loves best knockoff Oakley sunglasses : www.knockoffshopsale.com the only life, still lives in this city, who has witnessed the fundamental changes in this place. However, she is in a bad condition, her feathers has been tarnished, her voice was raucous, which resulted in the silence of the city. Abbey, the best singer is not able to sing as ever. Everything has changed; she no longer the happiest spirit, her home has turned into the purgatory.
None of the city is horrible originally, the same to Emmy, the home of Abbey. When Abbey was young, singing every morning to wake up the citizens is her duty because of her beautiful voice. In every morning, as the sun rising from the sea level,with her best fake Oakleys her song resounded through the whole city. Once people heard her voice, they would be waken up immediately and started to do their full day’s work energetically. Then, she hurried through the forest, picked in the trees and drank beside the streams and Oakley sunglasses store. Her sound of happiness reverberated every corner of the city.
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Unfortunately, good things do not last long. One day, demon Edward wearing fake Oakley sunglasses and his legion conquered this area. Since then, the nightmares were beginning. To build the splendid palace for Edward, the home of Abbey and her friends were all destroyed. To survive, all of her friends migrated to other places that are far away. Abbey was so sentimentally attached to the city where she grow up that she left along in this place. However, the deforestation of Edward resulted in the adding of suspending particulate substances, which was severe damage to Abbey. As long as Abbey expose to the air,only best Oakley Polarized Sunglasses can help her, the particulates would attach to her. Due to the long-existent particulates in Oakley Outlet, it was impossible for Abbey to wipe off the stains completely, so after a short while, her whole-length feathers were became darker and darker, Abbey were to age overnight.
With the ever-growing ambition of Edward, he ordered the wizard to invent magic potion which can increase the battle effectiveness of his legion, so that, he could occupy the whole global Oakley shops. In order to create the magic potion, plants were collected intemperately, water resources were over exploited. Even worse, the failing work was been discharged into the water directly. After drinking such water, Abbey lost her beautiful voice, and the city has grown out of all recognition. For a cup clean water to treat her throat, Abbey flew into Edward’s palace. Serendipitously, she heard the talking between Edward and the wizard. She was so scared that he escaped immediately taking her favorite Cheap Oakley Sunglasses after hearing the horrible potency of the potion.
For the survival of all living beings around the world. Abbey told the news to all of her friends who has migrated before. They were so frightened when they got what Abbey wanted to act out (Abbey’s voice was damaged so that she couldn’t speak at that time). After a discussion between flora and fauna, they all hold the opinion that it is high time that took measures to fight against Edward. While, the power of themselves was limited, so they decided to ask human beings for help. Mankind is so wrathful that they made up their mind to exterminate Edward with animals and plants. According to scientific research, man who have the most kinds of Oakley sunglasses,taking serious of steps to battle with Edward, such as stop using the disposable chopsticks, reuse water in daily life, take public bus instead of private bus. Also, efforts were done over every Oakley outlet store. Animals strived to get multifarious seeds from a distance, plants try the best to protect the water and soil erosion. Under the endeavor of all circles, Edward was becoming weaker and weaker, and was disappeared at last. Obviously, Emmy back to life finally, more, Abbey’s voice was lingering in the city again.
Do you know who Edward is now? Yes, he is the pollution that we made, if we do not take effective measures from now on, he will conquer the world someday.If we wear best fake Oakley sunglasses, we can protect our eyes.